General screening methods and advantages and disadvantages of flash memory chips on the market

In the past two years, another wave of “new infrastructure” has been set off. New technologies represented by 5G, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, and big data centers have attracted much attention. The new infrastructure will drive the growth of the scale of data centers, thereby driving the entire The development of digital industries.

With the growing demand in the domestic storage market, the existing problems are becoming more and more prominent.

Flash memory chips have the possibility of code loss, and the chip itself has a life limit. Once the code is lost or the life of the chip is too short, the Electronic product will fail to start the system, and the key functions cannot be turned on, which will bring losses to customers.

Therefore, the reliability and quality of flash memory chip products will be the indicators that customers will focus on assessing and paying attention to.

The existing flash memory screening methods on the market in my country are as follows:

1. Test with Flash test frame

Because the master controller has a strong error correction ability, it will constantly correct NAND errors during the test process, temporarily covering up the quality defects of the Flash, so that the short-term test cannot expose the potentially risky bad blocks in the SSD.

2. The test life of the finished product needs to be erased repeatedly until it is damaged.

Although such a test method can effectively test the service life of the Flash, the whole process takes a long time, and the entire disk needs to be repeatedly erased and written until it is damaged, which often takes several months and consumes a lot of manpower and time costs. At the same time, due to the destructive nature of traditional testing techniques, the finished product cannot be used after the test is completed.

3. Generally, life test is not carried out, or it is a sampling test

At present, the market demand for storage is constantly expanding, and some companies cannot fully inspect their products, and can only do random inspections or even no inspections. With the continuous writing of data, the service life of flash memory chips is getting shorter and shorter. If life prediction is not carried out, there will be great data security risks. Secondly, even for the same batch of products, there are differences in the lifespan of flash memory chips. Sampling testing and samples cannot guarantee the lifespan of the overall Flash.

4. Test after the flash memory chip is produced into a finished product

Repairs due to poor flash memory quality or compatibility issues will greatly increase production costs and quality risks after shipment.

Therefore, under the current market demand scale, how to efficiently and accurately identify the quality of flash memory chips has become a common challenge faced by storage companies in different fields.

In the face of market challenges, Fortune Technology stated that it will rise to the challenge and realize the reliability life prediction of flash memory through the self-developed memory chip intelligent test system and flash memory test technology, and provide reliable storage quality assurance for applications in various fields. It is reported that Fortune Technology has been focusing on the R&D and production of storage products since its establishment in 2006, and is the first professional provider of flash memory chip testing equipment in China. Through years of technical accumulation, its flash memory intelligent detection technology and equipment have the following four advantages: first, it can perform particle-level non-destructive testing of flash memory; second, the core artificial intelligence algorithm technology can predict the life of flash memory with high accuracy; 3. Divide flash memory into different grades according to its quality characteristics; 4. Provide intuitive data reference for flash memory product application, so as to help customers better apply to different industries.

Fortune Technology stated that it will continue to exert the “craftsman spirit”, strengthen investment in technology research and development, arm enterprises with technology, and provide customized services for various storage brands through continuous independent innovation, contributing to the development of my country’s storage industry.

General screening methods and advantages and disadvantages of flash memory chips on the market

General screening methods and advantages and disadvantages of flash memory chips on the market

General screening methods and advantages and disadvantages of flash memory chips on the marketGeneral screening methods and advantages and disadvantages of flash memory chips on the market

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