Analysis of representative products of automotive ultrasonic and millimeter wave radar

“Radar systems are usually related to military projects such as airplanes, but they have quickly entered the civilian field, including commercial vehicles. As part of the advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) electronics, millimeter wave (mmWave) radar systems are being integrated into new vehicles to provide a safer driving experience. A… Continue reading

*Facilities for connecting new types of car body information power supply

Through a comprehensive analysis of many related factors that cause locomotive signal failures, it is concluded that the normal use of locomotive signals is mainly as follows: locomotive power supply fluctuates, locomotive power inverter output noise is large; o locomotive power supply is easy to ground, power supply Strong pulse… Continue reading

Carbon steel processing–LXF1530 fiber 1kw 2kw metal laser cutting cutter machine

The application of carbon steel is getting wider and wider, but in the traditional carbon steel processing process, due to the lack of equipment, the processed carbon steel has cracks, delamination, white spots, impurities, looseness and so on. Therefore, the fiber laser Cutting Machine for cnc 1530 conforming to the current situation… Continue reading

Automobile Parts Precision Casting

Basic Info casting Method: Thermal Gravity Casting Molding Technics: Water Glass Material: Iron Surface Roughness: Ra1.6 Standard: AISI, ASTM, DIN, GB, BS, JIS, NF, AAR, ISO Delivery Time: One Month Service: OEM/ ODM Transport Package: Plywood Case, Carton, Iron Case Origin: Ningbo, China Process: Lost Wax Casting Application: Boat Anchor… Continue reading

Plastic Mold Maker China

China can manufacture high quality plastic moulds China, is the professional plastic injection mold maker China, our plastic molding containers are designed with creative idea, made by high-end injection molding technology. We can make all kinds of plastic injecting molds China, We make plastic injection molds for the articles of… Continue reading

2013-05-27 10:17 Advertising engraving machine for the industry to add style

2013-05-27 10:17Advertising engraving machine for the industry to add style With economic development and social progress, and now people appreciate the level of aesthetics and increasingly high, acrylic advertising, pvc heterosexual advertising, three-dimensional patterns and so deeply loved and sought after by customers, the advertising industry, decoration decoration always in… Continue reading

Zinc hits a 9-year high

The momentous rally from metals does not appear to be showing signs of stopping. The Bloomberg Industrial Metals sub-index posted the biggest five-day gain since 2011. Prices have rallied in response to China’s top economic commission approving the construction of a $36 billion plan for new rail links around Beijing,… Continue reading

Car air-conditioning wires, tires, etc. need to pay attention to maintenance

In the past two days, successive sunny days and high temperatures above 20 degrees are heralding a reality: summer is about to arrive. For most areas in Jiangnan, the rainy season and high temperature in the next few months will not be so pleasant. Such an environment can easily lead… Continue reading