The cheapest Solar ever to be offered in Abu Dhabi

JinkoSolar Holding Co and Marubeni Corp., whom are from China and Japan respectively, have submitted a joint bid to supply electricity from the solar farm, at a record-breaking 2.42 cents a kilowatt-hour. Although, it is hardly surprising that solar technology is breaking more records, when you consider that it’s price… Continue reading

Weathering Steel Plate And Stainless Steel Plate

Weathering steel, which is resistant to atmospheric corrosion steel, is a series of low-alloy steels between ordinary steel and stainless steel. Weathering steel is made of ordinary carbon steel and a small amount of corrosion-resistant elements such as copper and nickel. It has the toughness and plasticity of high-quality steel…. Continue reading

Faro Worldwide Reports Excellent 2007

Faro, a leading global supplier of portable coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), has reported outstanding company figures for the 2007 fiscal year. Company sales last year were $191.6 million, compared with $152.4 million in 2006. The increase was 25.7%. In other statistics released by the company, incoming orders in 2007 totalled… Continue reading

Explosive Devise Detecting Nano Chip

Explosive Detecting Nano Chip Security one of the most important issues in today’s society. From terrorist attacks in the worlds major cities to IED’s on the battlefields, bombs and explosive devices are deadly. Tradition methods of bomb detection rely on sophisticated equipment, highly trained personnel, and bomb sniffing dogs. This… Continue reading

The automotive industry will use more precious metals with more catalysts and more emission control technologies

  In order to make the catalytic converter more effective, multi-point electronic injection, electronic control ignition and electronic control of air-fuel ratio, long-life spark plugs and oxygen sensor heating have been adopted. In order to avoid poisoning by new types of catalysts, in 1992, it was required to control the… Continue reading

Deep drawing housing

Deep Drawn Service The above Deep Drawing Motor hood is for reference only.As a metal stamping and Deep drawing housing parts manufacturer for many years, we are dedicated to provide customer the lowest cost Deep drawing service with good quality. We make our efforts to offer best services to customer’s any new… Continue reading

What is Teflon

Teflon is a high-performance fluororesin coating. Its superior non-stick, abrasion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation stability and low flammability are unmatched by other coatings. Comprehensive advantages, widely used in petrochemical engineering, mechanical equipment, semiconductor industry, medicine, electronics and other industries to meet various special… Continue reading

Clean and maintain the surface of medical titanium bars

Maintenance of the medical titanium bar surface is usually not too complicated. In general, surfaces that do not need to be cleaned for corrosion protection are similar to stainless steel: at the same time, titanium rods, when used as condensing tubes, do not react with media such as cooling water,… Continue reading

The first joint-venture automotive chip design company of Chinese OEMs was established, opening up the entire industrial chain for mutual benefit and win-win results

According to the official news from BAIC Production and Investment, BAIC Production and Investment signed an agreement with Imagination Group and Cuiwei Co., Ltd. to jointly establish Beijing Hexinda Technology Co., Ltd. Specifically, the company is the first automotive chip design company jointly established by a Chinese state-owned vehicle enterprise… Continue reading