Do you Know the Applicaiton of Galvanized Steel Coils?

Hot-dip galvanized steel coil, also known as hot-dip galvanized coil, with steel coil as the base material, achieves the purpose of rust prevention by hot-dip galvanizing. Main use of hot-dip galvanized steel coil: color coated steel sheet with galvanized steel coil as base material. In addition to zinc protection, the… Continue reading

Hot half mold system

Hot runner system is widely used in the plastic mould system for its high production efficiency,save plastic raw material and get better appearance products.The hot runner technology is developed very quickly.Sino Mould could supply you high quality hot runner mould.   Hot half mold system is a kind of hot… Continue reading

Silicone And Casting

silicone tubes are commonly used in automatic beverage dispensers and other catering equipment in the food industry. Or for the medical market, where technically superior silicone rubber is being used to replace inferior rubber and plastic products. A full range of silicone tubes with pore diameters ranging from 0.2mm to… Continue reading

Silicone And Casting

Some of the world’s best athletes are about to show just what plastics can do to help them win.Not that I expect plastics will be mentioned specifically. Instead, the Tokyo Paralympics, starting Aug. 24 in Tokyo, will likely refer to carbon fiber if they mention materials at all. But make… Continue reading

Custom Metal stamping Furniture Parts

Custom Metal stamping Custom metal stamping parts are used widely for many filelds.We have been producing Custom Metal stamping Furniture Parts for many years.We mainly offer customized metal parts for any of your new projects. Description of Custom Metal stamping Materials: Steel/ Aluminum/ Stainless Steel/ Plastics/ Copper/ Brass/ Specialty Metals Processes: Bending/ Forming/… Continue reading

security equipment mould

Security equipment mould supply, China MOULD specializing in manufacturing personal protection item molds like safety helmets mold, face shields mold, ear muffs mold, also traffic control/roadblock mold. Greatly meet clients’ needs.   2 cavities safety helmet mold: Runner system: 2 point hot runner Cycle time: 30s Delivery time: 65days Suitable… Continue reading