Silicone And Casting

Don't be so upset on a rainy day, our product silicone waterproof shoe cover can protect your shoes on a rainy day.If you feel down during a downpour, it’s not your imagination: Bad weather can indeed have a negative effect on your emotions. And many people don't want to go out,… Continue reading

CNC machining fourth axis fixture fixture automatic fixture

The four-axis tooling fixture of the domestic cnc machining center combines the hydraulic clamping stability with the fourth axis in the design, which can meet the customer's processing requirements for larger and higher parts. The tooling can also achieve fast clamping and automatic clamping. Since the hydraulic pressure can achieve… Continue reading

Prevention of cavitation in the plugging head of a four-column hydraulic press

Prevention method of cavitation erosion of the plugging head of the four-column hydraulic press: Strictly select the hydraulic oil. Select hydraulic oil strictly in accordance with oil specifications. Choosing good quality hydraulic oil can effectively avoid air bubbles in the hydraulic system during work. When selecting oil, you should choose… Continue reading

Europe to be covered with electric charging stations

A number of the world’s leading car manufacturers have come together to make a pledge which will see a rapid expansion of electric car charging ports in Europe. The manufacturers that have come together to forge this agreement are BMW, Daimler, Ford Motor Company, Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche. Their initial… Continue reading

Another automotive giant shows faith in post-Brexit Britain

Toyota, the Japanese automotive powerhouse has showed its faith in a post-Brexit Britain by investing £240 million into one of its UK based factories.  The plant to receive the funding is located in burnaston and makes the Toyota Auris and Avensis, the expansion will be centered around installing a new … Continue reading

Introduction to the importance of trace lubricants

In the application of micro-lubrication system, the generation of oil mist is very critical. There are many factors that affect the effect of MQL micro-lubrication. At present, most users do not have a clear understanding of the characteristics of oils used under micro-lubrication conditions. They think that as long as… Continue reading

The automotive industry is increasingly demanding high-strength bolts

Regarding the current situation and future of China’s automotive bolt enterprises, Chen Guangzu, a member of the China Automotive Industry Advisory Committee and a senior expert in the Chinese automotive industry, expressed his views. It is not absolutely difficult for Chinese companies to develop and produce high-strength bolts. Chen Guangzu… Continue reading

How the laser cutting machine helps the advertising sign industry to achieve creative design

How the laser Cutting Machine helps the advertising sign industry to achieve creative design As we all know, the competition in the advertising sign industry is fierce, and the laser cutting machine can realize the creative designs of designers. It completes the cutting of arbitrary graphics and arbitrary shapes at… Continue reading