High Precision Custom Metal Stamping

Custom Metal Stamping Basic Info of High Precision Custom Metal Stamping Model NO.: customized Processing Type: Shaping Metal Mould: Multistep Progressive Dies Fine Blanking: Double Acting Industry: Metal Stamping Parts Customized: Customized Finish: Powder Coating, Zinc Plating, Polishing, E-Coating Package: Export Packing Origin: Ningbo, Guangdong Type: Cold Stamping Material: Stainless Steel… Continue reading

Hong Kong’s port is suffering, creating an existential crisis for the city

Falling volumes and provincial rivalry have realized an existentialist emergency in a city distinguished, most importantly, with its acclaimed harbor Chan Yum-wo did not know anything about the sea business when he joined as a dockworker in Hong Kong in 1994. In any case, that did not make a difference… Continue reading

Silicone And Casting

The classification of silicone ink is divided into silicone spray ink, silicone screen printing ink,RFID NFC Wristband silicone pad printing ink and silicone dot printing according to the coating process. According to the curing method, RFID NFC Wristband it can be divided into heat-cured silicone ink and UV-cured silicone ink…. Continue reading

The key points of IML thin-wall injection moulding solution

The advantage of IML: high level, one process clear and health, no need to make the secondary processing. The key point of high speed IML injection molding: 1. Generally the thickness of thin-wall product is below 0.45mm. If the width and length are the same, the height more high the… Continue reading

Silicone And Casting

silicone phone set is a kind of colorless and tasteless phone set, has good elastic and resistance to high temperature. The advantages of silicone phone sets are as following: Silicone phone sets can protect the cell phone, in order to prevent the hard objects on mobile phone screen or body left… Continue reading

The sawing machine adopts oil-air lubrication technology

At present, the cutting of sawing machine is widely used in industry, but the lubrication of sawing machine nowadays mostly uses a large amount of emulsion to be poured between the raw material and the saw blade to play the role of lubrication and cooling. Although the operation is simple,… Continue reading

some Advantages of non-standard parts processing with CNC machining

Non-standard parts processing refers to the processing of non-standard parts. We also have a certain understanding about non-standard parts in the front, knowing that this is a part corresponding to standard parts.The processing of non-standard parts can also be called special-shaped processing. If there is any advantage to it, it… Continue reading