2013-06-01 10:09 Engraving machine industry will usher in a reshuffle

2013-06-01 10:09Engraving machine industry will usher in a reshuffle As the market demand for diversification and CNC technology continues to develop, China’s Cnc Engraving Machine industry has gradually come to an important period of change – innovative ideas, supply and demand changes in the market, product updates and other aspects… Continue reading

Mastercam Website Features New Videos

CNC Software Inc., the developer of Mastercam® CAD/CAM software for 2- through 5-axis milling and turning, 2- and 4-axis wire EDM, 2D and 3D design, surface, and solid modelling, artistic relief cutting, and 2D and 3D routing, has added new videos to the Multimedia section of its website (www.mastercammold.wiki). This… Continue reading

What is the working principle of CNC machining ?

Every processing technology has its own working principle. I want to know how the working principle of a processing technology is. We only know that cnc machining is one of them. What is the working principle of CNC machining ?The CNC machining center's control system can generally control the machine to… Continue reading

Silicone And Casting

   Advantages for silicone tube: (1). No taste, no toxicity, no contamination (environmental friendly) (2). Resistant to high temperature, aging, radiation, cold, heat,Acid, Chemical (3). Stand wear and tear, anti-sepsis, Soft, arc resistance, corona resistance (4). Great pump accuracy and repeatability, nice Permeability (5). Extended flexible life and reduced maintenance… Continue reading

While developing the automobile industry, we should improve laws and regulations and formulate standards

To achieve a win-win situation for economic development and environmental protection, so as to comprehensively promote the implementation of sustainable development strategies and policies. Key analysis: To develop the automobile industry, we must also pay attention to environmental issues. Simply pursuing the development of the automobile industry and disregarding environmental… Continue reading

Exploration of Oil-air Lubrication of High-speed Spindle Bearings

Oil-air lubrication is a lubrication method that can adapt to the high-speed operation of the electric spindle. The oil-air lubrication not only ensures reliable lubrication of the bearing, but also suppresses the temperature rise of the bearing. When applying oil and gas lubrication, we need to pay attention to the… Continue reading