High-end Mobile Phones Win Trust With Stainless Steel

“Thank you very much for the support and assistance of Jiugang Steel Stainless Steel Branch in the past two years. Both sides have established good cooperative relations and hope to continue their cooperation in the new year.” At the beginning of the new year, a thank-you letter from an international high-end mobile phone manufacturer made Yu Dagang, Chief Engineer of Cold Rolling and Director of Market Development of Hongxing Stainless Steel Branch of Jiugang Iron and Steel Group, deeply gratified.

China is the largest mobile phone producer and user in the world. At present, there are two main “camps” for mobile phone materials. One is plastic, which is easy to shape, low production cost, but not strong texture, easy to wear and tear. It is being phased out in high-end mobile phone materials. The other is metal. Aluminum alloys are mostly used, but their strength is low and they are not resistant to falling. Based on the actual needs, Jiugang decided to develop stainless steel mobile phone materials with high strength, bright and beautiful.

Yu Dagang said that the polishing performance of stainless steel material is determined by the purity of molten steel. If the purity is not properly controlled, the material will have trachoma, pits and other defects in the polishing process. At the same time, the comm onaustenitic stainless steel will have residual ferrite structure after solution annealing, which directly leads to higher permeability and shielding effect on mobile communication signals.

In November 2016, the technical team of the above-mentioned international high-end mobile phone manufacturers visited Jiugang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and established a preliminary intention of cooperation with Jiugang Iron and Steel Co. According to the performance indicators proposed by the manufacturer, Jiugang Iron and Steel Co. established a research and development team to determine the main focus of molten steel purity and permeability.

After clarifying the research and development ideas, Jiugang Iron and Steel technicians analyzed and studied the main factors affecting the residual ferrite content, found the composition ratio suitable for new austenitic stainless steel, studied the smelting process of pure steel, optimized the hot-working process, and optimized the hot-line solution treatment temperature curve. At the same time, the work hardening curve of this kind of steel is obtained through experiments, and the technical problems such as purity and permeability are overcome by concentrating the superior strength. It is the first to develop ultra-pure anti-electromagnetic shielding austenitic stainless steel for high-end electronic products in China.

From technical preparation to order delivery, it took only 2 months for the first 100 tons of ultra-pure anti-electromagnetic shielding austenitic stainless steel developed and produced by Jiugang Iron and Steel Co. to reach customers smoothly. After testing, the chemical composition and mechanical properties of the product meet the requirements of the corresponding standards, and the permeability, inclusion control level and forming performance meet the requirements of the industry. The product has been successfully applied in the well-known mobile phone manufacturing, and has become a designated supplier of international high-end mobile phone manufacturers in China.

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