High gloss injection mold

High gloss injection mold also called as high polish injection mold or high light injection mold, is high required injection mold in making home appliances, automotive parts and so on.As we know ,high gloss injection mold uses RHCM technology, which is called rapid heating and cooling molding technology. Which kinds of injection molds is called as high gloss inejction molds? Answer is as follows.
Many buyers will wonder that how to select high gloss injection mold steel. Generally speaking, high gloss injection mold is used for making the products whose raw material is PMMA, ABS, PS or PC.
High gloss injection mold steel selecting is very important, like DIN1.2738, NAK80, Gest80 and some mold steels who have high polishing ability.
High gloss injection mold design point;
1. Reasonable waterline design: press close to cavity&core, and lay out evenly
2. Reasonable heat insulation system: add a heat insulating plate behind the core&cavity.
High gloss injection mold assisted system:
The assisted machine for high gloss injection mold is the high gloss mold temperature controller.
It can assist the high speed injection mold to transfer the temperature fastly.
High gloss injection molding parts check points:
1. Smooth surface as mirror effect.
2. No welding line, sink mark and other defects on the surface.
3. Enhance the strength of parts
Nowadays, home appliances, electric products, automotive parts will use the high gloss injection molds. Some professional injection mold maker gradually realized that making high quality and high precision injection mold is the best way to get all customers’ approval, and making high gloss injection molds  is just a fine way.

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