High Quality Crate Mould Solution

SinoMould has offered many crate moulds by mature experience above 20 years, such as beer crate mould, bread crate mould, vegetable crate mould, bird crate mould, milk bottle crate mould etc.


Checking that how SinoMould provides quality plastic crate mould solution.


Before mould design, SinoMould would make mold Flow Analysis to analyze injection gate size and position, air vent, melting line… And there would be suggestions, such as:

–          Using hot runner for crate mould

From that it’s no need labor to cut the gate, and it’s also can reduce the injection pressure which will be good for injection.

–          Fliter for recycle material

If you use recycled material, we will consider designing a filter unit on crate mould to prevent clogging.


Regarding the crate mould steel, there are also different solutions:

–          DIN1.2738 with HRC 33-38 can guarantee a mould life 1 million shots or running 3 years continuously;

–          DIN1.2344 for 3 million shots mould life or running 5 years continuously;

–          DIN1.2316 with BeCu for much better mould life

–          Or P20 economic steel for 500,000 shots mould life.


And there are other points should be paid attention, just like:

– 4 main areas of crate mould air venting:

1. between sliders,

2. between sliders and mould plate,

3. Air vent widen,

4. Air vent inserts position and space. 

Mould cooling:

The distance of core surface is important, SinoMould could connect with more inlet and outlet cooling channel and add BeCu at the core part and corner for better cooling.


Looking for excellent plastic crate mould solution? Please contact us today, China will offer the best solution after learning your crates.

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