Higher Speeds for Double-Shot Machines

Cycle-time reductions from faster clamp movements and mold-plate rotation, as well as improved cooling, are claimed for two new models in the SEHS-CI all-electric double shot line from Sumitomo Heavy Industries in Japan, represented here by Sumitomo Plastics-Machinery, Norcross, Ga. The new 253-ton SE230HS-CI and 308-ton SE280HS-CI models are the largest in the line of five machines. Shorter cycle times are achieved with mold opening and closing speeds of 1300 mm/sec (51.2 in./sec), and mold-plate rotation in 0.8 sec (vs. a typical 2 sec), which add up to 1.2-sec shorter cycles. Cooling times can be reduced with the use of optional four-circuit mold-temperature control. Sumitomo says the new models have a wide mold space and shot sizes from 2.9 to 10.7 oz. (770) 447-5430 • www.sumitomoPMmold.wiki
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