Hot Runner Molds Applications

    In recent years, hot runner molds has been a popular injection molds making technology in the plastics injection molding industry. This article is a brief introduction for the hot runner molds applications.
Hot runner molds have an extremely wide range of applications in the following areas:
(1) Plastic Material Type
Hot runner mold has been successfully used in the manufacturing of various plastic materials. Any plastic raw material can be injected by cold runner molds which can use hot runner molds.
(2) The size and weight of the part
Hot runner molding parts, the minimum weight is 0.1 grams or less, and the maximum is 30 kg. The hot runner molds application is very broad and flexible.
(3) Plastic injection molding industry
Hot runner molds have been widely used in the electronics, automotive, medicine, daily necessities, toys, packaging, construction, office equipment and other industrial fields… Compared to ordinary runners molds, high injection efficiency, good quality molded plastic parts and raw materials savings, along with the development of hot runner molds technology and  the polymer industry, the hot runner molds application has become increasingly widespread. Runner by heating method makes sure that the plasticizing raw material keeps in molten state in the runner and gate. Hot runner molds can make the material from the injection machine nozzle to mold inside are high temperature trough the heating main hot runner nozzle and manifold, and maintain the molten plastics until the material are injected inside the molds.
That is the hot runner molds applications, anyone who want to find hot runner molds maker or want to know more about hot runner molds applications, welcome to contact Sino Mould.

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