How can stainless steel tube factory open up new market ?

How can stainless steel tube factory open up new market ?

Stainless steel tube marketing can be based on the regional characteristics of the entrance, the strength of buyers and personality characteristics, commodity characteristics to adjust the price. Some precision stainless steel pipe customers are particularly concerned about the price, orders will be offered to the cheapest seller, then the offer can be direct to the lowest price that you can offer. Some customers are used to bargaining, so the first time you can set aside the price he wanted to cut the amplitude.

To carry out pre-sale planning, please don’t ignore the existing stainless steel tube end customer, because the situation is changing. Keep an eye on the existing stainless steel tube end customers,who will bring you new opportunities or not. After all, the existing customer is the biggest chance of groups. On the other hand, if you and a customer have had a bad experience, do not think this stainless steel tube terminal customer will not do business with you. Remember that the problem is the opportunity, this is when the stainless steel pipe terminal customers need you most. Don’t allow you or your company’s current view of the end customer of the stainless steel tube to limit the will or ability to introduce new ideas to him.

The following is the focus of the pre-sale planning for existing stainless steel tube terminal customers:

1.  Regarded them as a new precision stainless steel pipe end customer to do completely research. Remove all false, inaccurate or misleading assumptions.

2.  When finding new problems, first seek the support of the other company in the previous or current power. Then making a visit.

3.  Don’t let a precision stainless steel tube end customer of your company’s view, limited the development of the breadth and depth of business.

4.  Make sure that you don’t have any conflict with your partner in the next company, and you must keep in mind the factors of corporate politics.

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