How do export enterprises deal with international trade frictions?

How do export enterprises deal with international trade frictions?

 In April 2018, the Turkish Ministry of Economy issued a public announcement, deciding to launch a safeguard investigation on some imported steel products, involving five categories of products, including plates, wires, pipes, rails and stainless steel, with a total of 21 four-digit customs codes, including stainless steel seamless tubes, the main export product of our company to Turkey, with the intention of imposing an additional 25% tax on this product, which will seriously affect our country’s exports of steel products to Turkey.

Therefore, as a stakeholder, our company participated in the investigation of some imported iron and steel products in Turkey under the Regulations on Import Safeguards. We also participated in the industry response meeting held in Beijing in early May, hired lawyers and actively responded. Our company is the only domestic trading company to respond to the lawsuit.


If the tariff on seamless stainless steel tubes is increased eventually, the cost of enterprises using seamless steel tubes as raw materials will increase in Turkey, which will greatly affect the competitiveness of their products. From a win-win point of view, with the efforts of lawyers, our company and our Turkish office, we have submitted all the documents needed by Turkey within a limited time, including questionnaires, export records of stainless steel seamless tubes in recent years, and evidence proving that Turkey has no stainless steel seamless tube manufacturer. This paper expounds that Chinese stainless steel seamless tubes have no effect on Turkey. The fact that domestic manufacturers constitute competition and have a beneficial impact on Turkey’s economy.



In November 2018, our Turkish office staff and lawyers and various stakeholders participated in the hearing of the Turkish side and made efforts with Chinese enterprises and representatives to remove stainless steel seamless tubes from the Turkish side’s taxation list.

In March 2019, the Turkish Committee for the Assessment of Import Safeguards decided to terminate the investigation of safeguards for certain steel products. Through our company’s positive response in the past year, the trade of stainless steel seamless tubes between the two countries will be smoother, and the competitiveness of both products will be enhanced, which will benefit both countries.



Our company has been trading stainless steel products with Turkey since 2006. Through 13 years of cooperation, our market share has reached a high level. In the last two years, we have set up an office in Turkey. More and more Turkish enterprises understand, trust and cooperate with us. Of course, Turkey is one of our major markets. Our products are also exported to all parts of the world. Enterprises from all over the world are welcome to consult us.

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