How does AMD respond?Intel 12th generation desktop i3 exposure: single-core is stronger than the previous generation i9

According to news on December 9th, website B netizen @enthusiastic people stroke edge blame recently exposed relevant information of Intel’s 12th-generation Core i3 desktop version, and shared the performance of the processor. From the data point of view, the single-core performance of the 12th-generation Core i3 is terrifying, directly slamming Intel’s previous generation i9.

There are two models exposed this time, i3-12100 and i3-12300, both of which are designed with 4 cores and 8 threads, and both are the high-performance cores of the Golden Cove architecture. Among them, the i3-12100 single-core turbo frequency is 4.3GHz, the full-core turbo frequency is 4.1GHz, the basic TDP is 60W, and the MTP power consumption reaches 77W. The i3-12300 single-core turbo frequency is 4.4GHz, and the full-core turbo frequency is 4.4GHz. The main frequency is slightly increased, and the other aspects are the same.

Test data shows that the i3-12100 has a CPU-Z single-core score of 687.5 points and a multi-core score of 3407.9 points; Cinebench R20 has a single-core score of 649 points and a multi-core score of 3248 points. The single-core score of the i3-12300 on the CPU-Z is 702.5 points and the multi-core score of 3842.4 points; the single-core score of Cinebench R20 is 665 points, and the multi-core score is 3318 points.

Foreign media wccftech ranked the above running scores. The list shows that the single-core performance of the two models of the 12th-generation Core i3 exceeds the previous generation i9-11900K, and is a bit stronger than the i5-12400. In terms of multi-core, due to the small number of cores, the running points of both are at the bottom. But it can be seen that the 12th generation Core i3 is indeed very powerful, and it is definitely the best choice for players with low budgets.

Wccftech predicts the price of the processor, believing that the two are priced at less than US$150 (approximately RMB 951), and they may be popular choices for entry-level DIY consoles. However, the cost of upgrading the 12th generation Core Duo is still a bit high, and you have to change the motherboard. You can refer to the specific price after the listing, and then decide whether to upgrade.

Intel’s entry-level product Core i3 is so strong, how should AMD take it? AMD is not against the R3 series of Core i3, and the performance of the 12th-generation i3 is actually no longer inferior to the R5. Intel really posed a problem for AMD this time. Xiao Lei speculated that AMD might make the R5 series a substantial price cut to fight, so that everyone has the opportunity to buy R5 processors at the price of cabbage.

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