How important is the choice of stamping parts processing plant?

In reality, the utilization rate of stamping parts is very high, and it is also a very important product, so the quality of stamping parts and the connection between the entire project is very large, so when you buy this product, Also pay attention to the choice of stamping parts processing plants. You only need to choose a manufacturer that is very different in terms of the cost of consumer products and all aspects, then the quality of the products you consume will be better, so you should pay more attention when choosing.

Many consumers pay more attention to the price of products. Of course, this is also a very important point. Assuming that the manufacturer’s standard is large enough, then the price will definitely be lower, and there will be certain Advantageous address, so I hope that all friends who buy this kind of product can pay more attention to this aspect, and you also need to pay more attention when you buy a product. The quality of stamping parts has a very important connection with its consumer manufacturers, so it is hoped that consumers can look at it carefully.

The stamping parts produced by the Changzhou stamping parts processing plant can be processed according to the application needs of our consumers and the required standards. And what are the characteristics of the products processed by Hebei stamping parts processing plant?

First of all, the weight of the product itself is still very light, and it can also show outstanding rigidity. Since the cost of materials in the process of stamping parts is not too large, after plastic deformation, the organizational structure of the materials will be changed and improved, which can make the processed stamping parts have some strength in terms of strength. go ahead. The performance of the stamping parts in standard accuracy is also considerable. The uniformity and non-compliance of standards can be maintained in the same module.

Secondly, during the stamping process, the stamping parts processing consumer found that the appearance of the original material will not be damaged in any way, so its appearance quality is still very good, and the appearance is smoother and beautiful. In the later surface painting and electroplating work, Both can provide convenience. The power selected by the equipment during processing is conventional power and special power to ensure the standard and appearance of the product.

Stamping parts processing is more and more widely used in my country’s industrial consumption. Today, we specially invited technicians from the stamping parts processing plant to help you deal with the problems you encounter in stamping parts processing.

(1) Do you need equipment for simple metal stamping parts?

The punching machine is used to clean the product cleaning machine, the air compressor, the product used to grind the burr and the polishing machine placed in front, assuming that the company’s own open mold equipment that is also ready to open, such as bench drills, spark machines, etc.

(2) How to come to the car stamping parts warehouse?

In many cases, we are monotonous in the equipment industry, and the number of detailed equipment depends on the size of the warehouse.

(3) How to measure the actual thickness of car stamping parts?

The thickness measurement conditions of car stamping parts allow the use of hand-held ultrasonic thickness gauges. This is the ambition of thickness measurement equipment. Because most car stamping parts have a certain curvature on the surface, and the thickness of each part of the parts is different during forming. Nowadays, there are very many manufacturers engaged in stamping parts consumption. Not to mention other centers, we have many local counterparts in Wuxi. In fact, Leap is undoubtedly a competitor, which requires us to double the hardware to be more excellent, it can be sharp and win the choice and trust of new and old customers.

First, no matter what profession, customer trust is the most important thing. Before we stop product collaboration, customers must first believe that you are a person who will do it for you. Therefore, we ask the sales staff of our stamping parts to not exaggerate, to be true to the business, and not to give customers an illusory feeling. In the communication process of our products, we do not grab an order and often cannot be satisfied with our customers. Begging to be able to persist, in fact, it is impossible to end.

We must be careful about our products in the communication process.

ChinaPTJ Hardware Co., Ltd.! The company was established in 2012 and integrates development, production and sales. Have a group of skilled and experienced production technicians and a high-quality quality management team.

The company owns more than ten Taiwan-made punch presses and domestic punch presses, AIDI precision punch presses, forging presses, drilling machines, tapping machines, grinders and other related equipment for stamping products. The main products: all kinds of galvanized sheets, cold plates, stainless steel sheets , Blunt cold plate and other metal stamping products, stainless steel, copper, nickel and other metal precision metal stamping and hardware parts, automotive, electric vehicles, tricycles and other hardware parts stamping, motor accessories products, etc.

Looking forward to the future, our spirit of forge ahead needs your affirmation and support. The accurate delivery date and good after-sales service have won praise from customers. The company takes “quality first, high-quality service” as its purpose and “pragmatic innovation, “Continuous progress” as the goal; honest service, continuous innovation, welcome new and old customers to visit and guide and call, map, sample, or jointly develop new products, we look forward to becoming your loyal partner

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