How Much Do You Know About Carbon Fiber Medical Devices?

The use effect of medical equipment is also closely related to materials, and high-end medical equipment has strict requirements on materials.Not only need to consider health, safety and reliability, but also need to consider the performance of excellence.More and more medical devices began to appear carbon fiber composite material figure, now we will show you several kinds of carbon fiber medical device application examples.Ambulance stretchers, often used in emergency situations, are mostly collapsible in order to be easy to carry and use.The density of carbon fiber composite material is about 1.6g/m, only 1/4 of the steel, which can meet the requirements of light weight and easy to carry.In addition, the stiffness and strength of the carbon fiber medical stretcher are better than most structural materials, and the bearing performance is excellent, so it will not break suddenly.Carbon fiber medical CT plate can not only reduce the amount of X-ray, reduce its side effects on patients, but also meet the requirements of angiography detection.The sandwich structure is adopted in the middle of the carbon fiber medical support plate, which has better load-bearing capacity, strength and stiffness than traditional support plate such as phenolic resin.At present, carbon fiber composite materials are also widely used in other medical devices.Such as carbon fiber medical bed board, carbon fiber prosthesis, carbon fiber wheelchair and so on.

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