How to adjust the anti-stretch pressure of the hydraulic press

What is the specific working principle of the Hydraulic Press in use? How to adjust its anti-stretch pressure.

The direction of the extension is opposite to the completed work, the oil volume and duration, the degree of wear of the piston, the control valve, etc., to protect the hydraulic circuit. The corresponding key points are mainly to control and adjust the flow, pressure and flow of the hydraulic medium, and then achieve the control of the direction of motion, speed and sequence of motion of the actuator.

Like ordinary mechanical punches, it limits and adjusts the working pressure of the hydraulic system to avoid overloading the return valve, reversing valve, etc. When working, the corresponding performance and positive impulse are the same, and both affect each other, so it is not difficult to understand the corresponding operating principle.

All in all, in daily use, when adjusting the anti-stretch pressure of a hydraulic press, it is relatively important to master the corresponding methods. And when making adjustments, relevant precautions should also be clarified. Make sure that the back tension pressure is adjusted in place.

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