How to avoid distortion in the process of stamping parts

How to avoid distortion in the process of stamping parts

The main reason for the distortion of the stamping parts in the process of processing is due to the impact of the punching force. Due to the existence of a blanking gap during blanking, the raw material is stretched on one side of the concave die and compressed on the side of the convex die. Therefore, when punching, pressing the raw materials is the most important thing to prevent the stamping parts from being distorted!

How to avoid distortions from happening? The professional stamping parts manufacturers here will give you the following descriptions:

  • 1. The mold plan is reasonable. Generally speaking, the sequential placement of blanking materials may also affect the forming accuracy of stamping parts. Therefore, for the blanking of the fine parts of the stamping parts, we usually place the larger area of ​​the blanking material first, and then place the smaller area. In this way, the impact of punching force on stamping parts can be weakened.
  • 2. Press the raw materials tightly. First of all, we must surrender the traditional mold planning method. Make the unloading board move evenly during the stamping, and the raw material can be compacted. In the joint forming part, the unloading plate must be arranged in a block-type layout.
  • 3. The end of the punch blade is trimmed into a bevel or arc. This is a very effective technique for reducing cushioning and cutting power. Reducing the buffer cutting force is to weaken the tensile force on the raw material on the side of the die, so as to suppress the consequences of turning over and distorting the stamping parts.

Stamping parts processing belongs to the raw material forming engineering technology, which is a kind of metal cold deformation processing technique. It is one of the most important techniques for metal plastic processing. Stamping processing is the use of the power of the old example or special stamping equipment to use the deformation force to deform the sheet metal in the mold to obtain product parts with necessary dimensions, styles and functions.

It is necessary to pay attention to the situation of stamping parts processing and production. When using tooling equipment such as presses or dies, pay attention to ensure that it is held under normal working conditions to prevent the strip from being fed along the correct positioning and probably not being able to be fed according to the necessary gap. . It is necessary to ensure the fastening of the parts of the die everywhere, and be careful not to change the positions of the die, so as to avoid scratching and crushing the surface of the workpiece and thus affecting the quality of the workpiece surface. When preparing the raw materials, it is necessary to obey the technical regulations, pay attention to the measurement of the dimensional accuracy of the certificates, and strictly check the specifications and trademarks of the raw materials. It is necessary to conduct regular and comprehensive inspections of the first parts of stamping parts to be produced again, and to strengthen inspections to prevent accidents and prevent wear and tear of working parts and guide parts due to permanent operation. Strictly obey the changes that should be paid attention to during the processing and production of stamping parts, and be careful and strict to avoid unnecessary danger and loss.

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