How to check whether the plastic parts has even wall thickness ?

There is a very simple way to check whether the plastic part has even wall thickness.

How? Increase the plastic weight slowly. first by 30%, then 50%, then 70%,then 90%, finally is100% injection. Kindly refer to below photo, take a pail injection filling pattern for example.

If all the round edge of the pail has the same height from each shot. The pail must be same wall thickness.
If the pail round edge with different height, the pail wall thickness must be different.
How to confirm this ? make a full injection pail, cut the pail , measure the wall thickness. You will see.

When you are attending the mould testing, professional mould maker they will show you this process to tell you their mould is good, with even material flowing. This method can also be used in other plastic parts wall thickness checking, for example, chairs , tables, containers, boxes. Etc..

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