How to choose a shock absorber for a punch

How to choose a shock absorber for a punch

Punch presses are the same as many equipment. Vibration occurs during operation. If it is too large, it will affect the use. Therefore, it is necessary to install suitable shock absorbers for the equipment. Let’s take a look at how to choose:

  • 1. The requirements for choosing an effective shock absorber are very high, because the tonnage of the punch press is generally 25t, and the impact is relatively large. Therefore, in the choice of shock absorber, you should choose the shock absorber that can carry such impulse and absorb shock. The effect is more than 80% is more suitable.
  • 2. Priority is given to the shock absorber with dampers. Because the working speed of the punch press is very fast, it is dozens of times or even more than 100 times the ordinary speed. The vibration caused by the punch is bound to cause resonance. It is well known that long-term resonance is very harmful. It will not only cause damage to the plant, but also severe vibration will have a serious impact on the life of your equipment itself and the mold.
  • 3. The shock absorber of the hydraulic pump should be selected at 3hz, which has a relatively low natural frequency, because the speed of the flywheel is very fast during high-speed operation. Generally, it can reach more than 500 revolutions, or even faster.

In other words, we can choose more suitable shock absorbers for the punch through these aspects, so as to better improve production efficiency.

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