How to ensure the quality of automobile stamping parts processing

Changzhou stamping parts processing is by our side, we have seen it frequently, but sometimes if we encounter bad merchants, the quality of our electric vehicle stamping parts processing may not be as spicy as it is. How good should the quality of stamping and processing be guaranteed? Woolen cloth?

In daily life, metal stamping products are ubiquitous. How to improve customer manufacturing compliance and quality assurance is the focus of Heju. It is our duty to help our customers in promotion and competition, and we lack both equipment and technology. The following aspects of metal stamping parts are not lacking.

1. Chemical analysis and metallographic inspection

Analyze the content of chemical elements in the material, determine the grain size level and uniformity of the material, evaluate the level of free cementite, band structure and non-metallic assimilation in the material, and check the material shrinkage, porosity and other shortcomings.

2. Material inspection

The materials processed by stamping parts are mainly hot-rolled or cold-rolled (mainly cold-rolled) sheet metal materials. The raw materials of metal stamping parts should have a quality certificate to ensure that the materials meet the specified technical requirements. When there is no quality certificate or due to other reasons, the metal stamping parts manufacturer can select the original materials for re-inspection according to the needs.

3. Forming performance experiment

Perform bending experiments and cupping experiments on the material, determine the processing toughness index n value and the plastic strain ratio r value of the material, etc. In addition, the steel plate forming performance experiment technique can be carried out according to the thin steel plate forming performance and experimental technique.

4. Hardness inspection

The hardness test of metal stamping parts adopts Rockwell hardness tester. Small stamping parts with complex shapes can be used to test the plane is very small, can not be tested on the general desktop Rockwell hardness tester.

5. Determination of other performance requirements

Determination of the electromagnetic properties of materials and the adhesion ability of coatings and coatings.

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Automobile stamping parts are processed by stamping under the condition of low material consumption. The parts are light in weight and rigid, and after the sheet material is plastically deformed, the structural layout in the metal is improved to make the stamping part stronger Make some progress.

Stamping parts have high dimensional accuracy, symmetrical with the mold parts, and have better exchangeability. No further machining is required to meet general device and application requirements.

In the stamping process, because the surface of the material is not damaged, the stamping parts have a good surface quality and a smooth and beautiful surface, which provides convenient conditions for surface painting, electroplating, phosphating and other surface treatments.

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How to ensure the quality of automobile stamping parts processing

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