How to find professional cap mould maker in China

Sino Mould is Chinese plastic injection mould making factory. Every year, almost deliver one thousands sets of plastic injection mould to the whole world. We specially supply all kinds of cap mould China, and offer all PET production line in China.
Our branch company- China-PK is one who devoted itself to PET perform mould and cap mould China manufacturing. We are making high quality flap mould China , the following cap types China is our cap mould making service.
1.1.Tooth paste cap mould in China .
2.Oil cap mould in China
3. Medical cap mould in China
4.Safety cap moulds in China
5.Wide mouth cap mould in China
6 Push puller cap mould in China
7.Flip top cap mould in China
8.Disc top cap mould in China
9.Mineral water cap mould inChina
10.Spray cap mould in China
SinoMould is a large scale plastic mould maker in China, has professional branch company to supply Chinese cap mould and deal with all the cap moulding service in China.

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