How To Judge Whether The Shackle Is Scrapped?

Everyone knows that shackles are very common slings. Shackles are small in size, heavy in load and low in price. They are used in many industries. Although the shackle is strong, it also has a service life. Once the shackle is on the verge of scrapping, it is best not to use it. Let me introduce you to relevant knowledge.

First, we can observe whether the shackle can be used normally. Here we must focus on whether the shackle can be locked. If even the locking can't be done, or if the locking is more difficult and not smooth, the shackle can already be scrapped. If you continue to use it, it is likely to break during use and affect normal operations. 

Secondly, if the shackle passes the lockout inspection described above, it is also necessary to observe whether the shackle itself is worn or deformed. If the cross-sectional wear of any part of the buckle body and the shaft pin is more than 10% of the original size, or the shackle itself has been permanently deformed, such shackle is considered scrap and should not be used again.

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