How to maintain the CNC bending machine reasonably

Doing a good job in the maintenance of CNC bending machines can not only improve efficiency, but also greatly improve the application period of industrial production CNC bending machines. The important thing is to prevent safety production accidents and avoid product destruction and accidental injuries. In order to ensure that the maintenance work of bending machine equipment is carried out more efficiently, people have increased the learning and training scope of machine equipment maintenance. Today, people share the common way of maintenance for the folding machine in the first quarter and this year for everyone. Individuals are warmly welcome to collect it as a training course, or share it with sheet metal bending employees for their own training.

Clean the countertop of the lower cabinet of the CNC bending machine CNC lathe to ensure the precision of sheet metal bending (first quarter): Maintain the cleanup of the work surface on the CNC machine tool, remove the left and right abrasive tools, take the cloth to scrub, and no oil stains and yellow gowns. As shown in the picture, the surface of the lower mold base is cleaned without oil stains and dirt. When the power is turned off, the exhaust fan of the power distribution cabinet is cleaned once, and the dust is removed from the inside to the outside with a cleaner, and the heat dissipation of the heat pipe is maintained.

Tighten the easy loose position of CNC bending machine CNC lathe (first quarter): inspect the easy moving position of the CNC lathe in one quarter, as shown in the figure, the four lock nuts need to be firm one by one; operation steps: after the long-term operation of the CNC lathe , The backgauge timing belt sometimes becomes slack. After inspection, tighten it to maintain the precision of the CNC lathe; tighten each part of the screw and the wiring is firm.

Fitness exercise position oil supply (first quarter): Use a manual grease gun to point to the oil supply point to carry out the oil supply until the screw nut or slide rail sees the lubricating grease overflow, and the ground wire resistance of the CNC lathe is lower than 1 ohm; unscrew Add a little oil plug at the bottom of the fuel tank to metabolize gear oil, clean the car fuel tank, re-introduce new gear oil to the 2/3 part of the oil level gauge according to the air filter of the fuel port, and stop the guide rail slider at On the fixed point.

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