How to maintain the laser cutting machine in summer

The temperature is very high in summer, and we generally need to be very careful no matter what equipment we use, because summer is an area where accidents are prone. Especially in the process of using a laser cutting machine, there are many problems that need to be paid attention to, and the maintenance process is not as simple as you think, so how to use the laser cutting machine for maintenance in the summer? The manufacturer of Sibowei laser cutting machine will share with you today:

In June, most cities in China began to heat up into summer. Industrial electricity consumption will inevitably be affected by residential electricity consumption. The frequency of power outages in many areas has gradually increased. And how to ensure that the power switch of the laser cutting machine in industrial and mining enterprises can be used and maintained normally in the summer high temperature season? The following technical department will answer for you:

First, users purchase laser cutting machine tools to understand the functions of the CNC system. At present, many so-called independent research and development system companies on the market have very imperfect CNC system functions. Our company’s CNC system has undergone decades of market testing and has been continuously upgraded. The performance in all aspects is excellent, and the design in all aspects comes from the user’s interest! In the system, the power protection function is a very practical function. Using the laser cutting machine produced by our company, power failure occurs during use, the laser cutting machine can save the cutting diagram well, and it can be cut directly on the cutting machine after power on. This effectively saves raw materials and energy, without repeated cutting, improves efficiency for enterprise users and reduces costs.

Because the laser cutting machine is mainly used for the cutting of plates, the cutting method is mainly laser cutting. In the previous relevant documents, we have some descriptions of cutting methods under various pollution hazard conditions. For the use of laser cutting machines, from the operator’s point of view, to reduce the use of equipment caused by pollution and harm to human health, the following should be taken Aspect to operate.

1: Arc burn of laser cutting machine.

Although the cutting thickness of the desktop CNC cutting machine tool is not large and the relative power is small, in actual processing and production, there are still inevitable arc burns. Improper protection can also cause electro-optic ophthalmia. Different protective measures should be taken according to different operation methods. If you focus on the sun-shading equipment for tabletop oxygen fish cutting, the operator needs to wear goggles, the color can be selected according to personal vision.

2: Prevent high-temperature metal or electric arc from burning during normal operation.

To prevent arc burns, the skin should not be directly exposed to the arc light. In addition, during gas-solid cutting, high-temperature slag or molten metal sputtering will occur within a certain cutting range. Such hot objects will not only burn the skin, but also cause accidents. Therefore, when using the fiber laser cutting machine, pay attention to the distance between the operator and the equipment, and it is recommended that non-operators do not enter the working area of ​​the equipment. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to touch high temperature slits, tapes or wires during operation.

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