How to modify the gap in the custom sheet metal processing? How about frills?

How to modify the gap in the custom sheet metal processing? How about frills? A common form of sheet metal processing hem, the sheet metal hem requires a special mold for processing, that is to say, first use an acute bending mold (a mold with a common angle of 30°) to bend the sheet metal into a bend greater than 90 degrees, and then use the pressure The flat mold flattens the sheet metal to complete the sheet metal hemming process. It can be seen from this method that two sets of molds are required, which is very inefficient. Sheet metal processing plants often use this composite mold to complete the processing of sheet metal trim at one time. The details are as follows.

How to modify the gap in between? Such sheet metal frills are often encountered in sheet metal processing, but this method is not difficult. No special molds are required for processing. After bending the mold at an acute angle greater than 90 degrees, in the flattening step, a 1.5 mm plate can be placed inside. To

In actual operation, due to the bending springback, it is necessary to use a thinner plate (for example, 1.4), and then try a few more times. By analogy, this method is suitable for sheet metal parts with a certain thickness bent in the middle. If you need to bend the rounded corners to make them look good, follow the drawings. When bending an acute angle, the width of the lower die should be larger. Or only use a bending upper die that matches the drawing to bend the acute angle.

How to fold the frills with the arc on the tail? If you don’t want to open the mold, there are two methods.

  • 1. When flattening the sheet metal trim, adjust the bending pressure to be smaller, and the arc of the tail should not be flattened. Because it needs a lot of pressure to flatten its tail.
  • 2. It is to find out if there is any corresponding welding wire, pierce it into the hole when flattening, take it out after flattening, and complete the decoration.

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