How to repair and maintain the laser marking machine

With the development of laser technology, more and more production and processing companies will meet the needs of laser marking machines. However, to make the laser marking machine work smoothly and prolong its service life, corresponding maintenance must be carried out regularly. Let’s take a look at how to maintain the laser marking machine.

How to maintain and maintain the laser marking machine, start with the parts. The laser has higher requirements for the galvanometer. When using it, keep away from some objects with strong vibration and strong electricity, and do not directly contact the galvanometer. If there is dust to handle the galvanometer, you need to use a clean rag and add alcohol. The galvanometer will be processed later, and special attention should be paid to the galvanometer in the same direction during processing to avoid the front and back inversion. The marking device on the laser marking machine should clean the dust regularly according to the time in the manual. You can use an air gun to blow the dust along the direction of the air duct. At the same time, the dust on the board should be blown off in time. The safety of the laser marking machine must not be ignored. Before each use, check whether the grounding is secure, check whether the power cord is complete, and whether it can work normally. If there is a problem, it must be replaced in time to prevent leakage accidents and affect work. For the safety of personnel, marking equipment must be prepared to ensure marking efficiency. The movable parts on the laser marking machine must be supplemented at a frequency every month to increase lubricity and ensure marking efficiency.、

Before use, the laser marking machine also needs to check whether the software has been installed, whether the various function buttons have been lost, whether they have been installed, whether the lights have been displayed according to regulations, etc., to ensure that everything is normal before turning on, and turning off after use Only after the power supply of the marking software can the marking software be cleaned, especially the computer control surface and workbench should be cleaned carefully.

The garbage should be cleared in time, especially the metal powder left by the marking when the equipment is working, which is hygienic around the equipment. Clean and ensure that the environment is ventilated. In addition, the circulating water needs to be replaced once a week. As the circulating water time will have a great impact on the laser marking machine, it is recommended that the frequency of use should be controlled below 35 degrees. If the frequency of use is higher, it should be increased. Frequency of replacement.

Through the introduction of this article, I believe everyone has a certain understanding of the maintenance of laser marking machine. While the laser machine brings huge profits to the enterprise, it is also improving the efficiency of the enterprise. At the same time, the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment cannot be ignored.

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