Huayin Aluminum Holds July Production and Operation Activity Analysis Meeting

On the afternoon of August 8, the July production and operation analysis meeting of Huayin Aluminum was held in the company’s general dispatch conference room.The company’s management team Zhang Jiqiang, Long Xiu, Zhao Jikang, Zhao Xijin, Tang Yusen, and Tang Shangliang attended the meeting, and the main persons in charge of various departments and units attended the meeting.

The meeting heard reports from the Production Operation Center, the Finance Department, and the Enterprise Management Department on July’s production and operation status, completion of production targets, completion of responsibility costs, benchmarking of important indicators, and company performance appraisal.The general manager’s office notified the completion of important work supervision.

The meeting summarized the company’s production and operation in July. The increase in the price of raw materials and fuels, the decline in ore quality, peak avoidance of electricity and other factors led to an increase in the cost of alumina from the previous month; the problems in the control of some process indicators were pointed out, and related requirements were required. The unit earnestly studied and made continuous improvements to earnestly achieve benefits from each percentage point.

The meeting analyzed the current situation of the company’s production and operation: the impact of the power grid curtailment on the company; in terms of raw material consumption, due to the tight supply of local lime, it is necessary to purchase high-priced lime from other places. The price of coal and alkali has risen sharply compared with the previous month; and the output of ore in the rainy season is low. , The cost of ore rises, leading to increased pressure on alumina production costs.

The meeting put forward requirements for the next step of the work, one is to organize meticulously, take multiple measures, and go all out to ensure the ore supply; the second is to strengthen confidence and strive for greater victory with a running attitude; the third is to follow the company’s mid-year work conference Requirement, cadres must follow the work list to promote the implementation; the fourth is to strictly and meticulously control the new crown epidemic.

The participating companies made arrangements and arrangements for their respective tasks.

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