Imagination GPU was selected by Saifang Technology to help it build high-performance, small-scale, low-cost Starlight RISC-V AI single-board computer

London, UK and Shanghai, China – 22 February 2021 – Imagination Technologies announces that StarFive (“StarFive”), a leading provider of RISC-V processors, platforms and solutions, has licensed the use of released Imagination’s B-series graphics processing unit (GPU) intellectual property (IP) to support the development of its latest RISC-V single board computer (SBC). Imagination’s GPUs are designed to work with all processor architectures from the very beginning. The cooperation between the two companies fully demonstrates Imagination’s good support for the open and fast-growing RISC-V ecosystem.

Saifang Technology will add the Imagination GPU to the subsequent mass production version of the Starlight Artificial Intelligence (AI) single-board computer to be released in January 2021 to add powerful and flexible graphics processing performance and make the single-board computer more functional. Starlight single board computer can provide a very ideal solution for the cost-effective and multi-purpose RISC-V development hardware pursued by the industry.

“Xingguang” is the world’s first RISC-V AI single-board computer tailored for Linux operating system for edge computing. It adopts the artificial intelligence vision processing chip independently developed by Saifang Technology – Jinghong 7100. The main frequency of the multi-core RISC-V processor is up to 1.5GHz. Starlight is not only equipped with self-developed NNE and ISP, but also equipped with VDSP and video codec. It has all the scalability functions of today’s desktop computers, and has the characteristics of small size, low price, and low noise. With the integration of Linux and RISC-V, Starlight AI single-board computer can provide strong software and hardware support for product and project development in the fields of industrial machinery, data center, AI, edge computing, etc., shortening the project development cycle and accelerating product launch.

The Imagination BXE-4-32 GPU IP selected by Saifang Technology this time is a core of Imagination’s latest generation IMG B series GPU, which can provide sufficient advantages for Saifang Technology’s single-board computer in terms of performance, size and cost. . The B-series is another important evolution of Imagination’s GPU products, with its advanced multi-core architecture, it can provide up to 6 TFLOPS (teraflops of floating point operations per second) computing power while consuming significantly less power than previous generations. Up to 30%, the area is reduced by 25%, the bandwidth requirement is reduced by 35%, and the fill rate is 2.5 times higher than that of competing IP cores. With up to 33 different configurations, the B-series GPUs provide an extremely wide range of options for mobile, consumer, desktop, server, IoT, digital television (DTV), automotive and other markets.

Saifang Technology CEO Xu Tao said: “We are very happy to cooperate with Imagination. The firm support of both parties for the RISC-V ecosystem is an important guarantee for the success of the cooperation. Imagination’s GPU has excellent PPA (performance, power consumption, area) characteristics, It can help us provide powerful functions while optimizing costs. We look forward to more strategic cooperation with Imagination in the future, using the respective technologies and product advantages of both parties to form a synergy, jointly create a more complete processor ecosystem, and promote RISC-V technology continues to move forward.”

Liu Guojun, vice president and general manager of Imagination China, said: “As a leader in RISC-V technology, products and solutions, Saifang Technology is showing their confidence and determination to the industry. The development and launch of RISC-V single-board computer A good example, I am very happy that Imagination’s GPU can play an important role. Imagination has always attached great importance to the support of Chinese partners, and we will continue to provide first-class performance products and comprehensive Support services to help them develop more powerful products.”

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