Medical titanium bars make patients miraculously recover

Unfortunately a woman driving trip into the ditch, lead to back pelvis fracture, bilateral lung perforation, neck, left leg and rib fractures, after a car accident, fractures and other injuries, neck, back in the process of treatment, the doctors implanted in the body of patients with a total of 11 root medical titanium rods and dozens of titanium screw, for fixed broken bones. The woman made a miraculous recovery a few months later. The good news is that without surgery to help fix her bones, the damage to her spine could continue to worsen and even become life-threatening,

The day after she arrived at the hospital, doctors inserted a medical titanium bar from hip to knee into her left leg, which was held in place by four titanium screws. A week later, in the most dangerous operation, doctors sliced open a patient's back and inserted six horizontal titanium rods to support her fractured spine. A week later, doctors inserted a titanium screw into the top of her spine to support her fragile neck from a broken bone. The day after the operation she was able to take her first steps after the injury. Five months later, one patient has made such a miraculous recovery that he no longer even needs a painkiller.

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