Metal cutting oil mist lubrication instead of coolant

Oil mist lubrication processing is a kind of quasi-dry processing, which is a processing method between dry and wet. That is, a very small amount of lubricating oil is used to complete the lubricating oil required for the cutting process, and the chips are dried after processing, so it is called For quasi-dry processing. Dry machining has strict requirements on the materials and performance of cutting tools. In dry machining, cutting fluid is not used. During the machining process, the cutting tool generates a lot of friction heat and cutting heat. It solves the cooling problem and is dry cutting. The key to energy. The elimination of cutting fluid reduces the lubrication of the cutting tool and the workpiece, that is, the friction increases and the probability of adhesion increases, which has a greater impact on the surface accuracy. In recent years, people have focused on the research of cutting tools, and new materials have been continuously adopted, which have high wear resistance, good thermal shock resistance and adhesion resistance, especially for high-speed cutting of machine tools. Experiments show that dry cutting is more suitable for high-speed working conditions. Due to high-speed and ultra-high-speed cutting, when the heat of the cut chips cannot be transferred to the cutting tool and the workpiece in the future, most of the cutting heat is taken away by the chips. <br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The use of quasi-dry processing technology can reduce the waste of resources and meet the requirements of environmental protection. This processing technology uses a very small amount of pollution-free environmentally friendly lubricating oil during the processing process. A small amount of lubricating oil is atomized into micron-sized oil mist particles that can easily penetrate into the processing surface to form an oil film, reducing friction and reducing temperature rise. Increase the life cycle of cutting tools and reduce processing costs. Quasi-dry processing is a processing method between wet processing and pure dry processing, which effectively avoids the disadvantages of dry cutting and wet cutting, and has good market potential. <br />

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