Metal laser cutting machine to help metal screen processing

In modern society, traditional household materials cannot meet people’s aesthetic requirements, nor can they adapt to various environmental conditions such as indoor temperature and humidity. Therefore, metal materials are more and more widely used in households. Metal screens and metal furniture are processed by laser cutting machines. Wait for more and more to integrate into people’s lives.

Using numerical control system, metal laser cutting machine has fast cutting speed, good cutting quality, high precision, simple operation, safe and reliable, stable performance, and strong adaptability. Using numerical control system, it can cut complex patterns on metal parts. The combination of old and new technology and advanced metal processing technology also make metal crafts more attractive than ever.

For example, this metal hollow screen, placed at the corner of the stairs, is a scene of its own scattered and scattered, becoming a landscape that enhances the texture of home decoration. When the light passes through, the hollowed-out hole becomes a static artist, turning the light into various pieces. Kind of shape.

This kind of metal hollow screen is not uncommon in today’s home decoration, and the shape is more complicated and the material is more diverse. But this is not difficult for the metal laser cutting machine. The CNC metal laser cutting machine can flexibly perform various pattern layouts, perfectly combine the laser hollow elements with metal, and easily create novel, fashionable and fashionable metal screens.

In addition, the metal laser cutting machine has good processing quality. When processing various materials, the cross-section is smooth without burrs, and there is no heat-affected area without deformation, which maximizes the beauty of the metal screen. Processing the metal screen with a metal laser cutting machine can eliminate the mold opening steps of traditional processing, save costs, effectively improve processing efficiency, and provide more powerful support for the entry of metal screens into thousands of households.

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