Motorcycle Front Visor Mold maker China

Sino Automotive Mould Co., Ltd is branch of ChinaHOLDINGS one of the world leading automotive mould supplier. It has continued to develop various plastic injection moulds for motorcycle mould and it’s auxiliary parts.

Product Name:     Motor Front visor Mould
Product material   ABS
Core &Cavity Steel  P20
Steel hardness:   HRC29-30
Inserts/slide steel:H13 hardness:HRC 42-45
Mould Standard    DME Metric standard
Cavity Number     ONE
Injection System  Submerged gate
Ejector System    Ejector pin
Cycle Time        40 seconds
Mould life        1,000,000 times

Our Advantage
1.High quality
2.Reasonable price
3.On time delivery
4.Good After-sale service
5.Strict quality control
6.All the mould are automotic.
Offer you
In-time response on letters, telephone calls or fax
In-time supply the quotation and mould designs
In-time communication on the technical points
In-time sending pictures for the mould machining progress and mould finishing schedule
In-time mould test and sample delivery
In-time mould delivery.

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