Mould ejection distance

Enough mould ejection distance is very important for automatically running,which is affected by mould design,mould structure,machine ejection stroke and injection molding line operation.Only if we are experienced in the molding industry,we could consider all the molding factors.

For a crate mould or a laundry bucket mould,which is not designed by the air ejection,we must make sure the ejection distance is OK to push the part fall down freely.This mould design is very important before the mould tooling.Otherwise the mould could not run automatically,we have to take the plastic part by hand or robot.If we plan to modify the ejection distance,that will bring much trouble and increase the mould cost.

Sino Mould pay much attention on the mould design,we have a new mould meeting after the first mould design is finished and before mould tooling.Our engineers come together to discuss about the mould structure and make improving.We could start mould tooling only after the mould design is fully confirmed.You could contact me if there is any question in the injection molding industry.Thanks.

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