Mouser Electronics and Raydiall Automotive sign global distribution agreement

June 7, 2021-Focusing on the introduction of new products and providing mass inventory of Electronic components distribution Mouser Electronics (Mouser Electronics) announced the signing of a global distribution agreement with Raydiall Automotive, the company is committed to the design, development and manufacturing of automotive RF interactive High-tech innovation company connected to the system. After signing this agreement, Mouser will distribute Raydiall’s various FAKRA and automotive high-speed data connectors certified by USCAR, thereby further expanding its distribution of interconnect product series.

The Raydiall FAKRA cable connectors distributed by Mouser include R3C straight connectors and R3C 90° connectors with rotatable shells, compatible with RG316, RG174, RTK, RG58, RG59, RG59 mini and 1.5 DS cables. This series of cable connectors are manufactured by stamping and bending forming processes, and their design can ensure the correct position of the interface, prevent pin bending or petal opening problems, and are suitable for automated assembly. The Raydiall FAKRA connector has a patented one-step crimping terminal, which can realize multi-point crimping in one operation, which not only shortens the cable installation time, but also makes the entire crimping process faster and more reliable.

Raydiall FAKRA PCB connectors are available in 90° and 180° models. FAKRA PCB 90° connectors provide products with crimp contacts at 3, 6, 9 or 12 points, support a maximum frequency of 4GHz, have an impedance of 50Ω, and have a minimum insulation resistance of 1000MΩ. The FAKRA PCB 180° connector is a RoHS-compliant lightweight connector that supports a frequency of up to 3GHz and has an impedance of 50Ω. Both models are manufactured by stamping, bending and forming processes, and meet the requirements of the pick-and-place process. The HSD PCB 90° connector has an impedance of 100Ω, a rated voltage of 100V, and uses bent pins to prevent the connector from tilting when it is assembled on the PCB. Raydiall FAKRA and HSD connectors are suitable for lead-free reflow soldering (wave soldering can also be used in some cases).

As a global authorized distributor, Mouser Electronics stocks a wealth of semiconductors and electronic components, and actively introduces original new products to support delivery at any time. Mouser aims to provide customers with fully certified original products and provide a full range of manufacturer traceability. To help customers accelerate design, Mouser’s website provides a rich library of technical resources, including technical resource centers, product data sheets, supplier-specific reference designs, application notes, technical design information, design tools, and other useful information.

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