MTSCO is looking forward to your joining in the next 13 years!

China is looking forward to your joining in the next 13 years!

 Dec, 8th is the 13th anniversary of the founding of Jiaxing MT Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd. Early in the morning, all the employees gathered together to carry out a challenging team building activity.


Since its establishment in 2006, China has been developing on the basis of constantly improving corporate culture. From the initial three person team to the present dozens of person team, has experienced many ups and downs. It is a spirit of not abandoning and not giving up that makes us develop to today. Today, the company has been advocating lifelong learning, and every employee is constantly improving their professional knowledge, business level and communication ability, and providing more and more professional service to customers. To be the most reliable industrial metal service provider in the world is our corporate vision.




Guess the numbers from pictures and sort them in order. Test our brain and teamwork.




Throw the water bottle, drill the rope circle in turn, and finish the challenge in the shortest time.


Each member is actively involved in the game. Although there is only one champion in the end, everyone has carefully summed up their experience.


In teamwork, we should fully trust the leader, and everyone should understand the general process of each position. After each project is completed, it must be summarized and refined. Constantly understand the industry trend and grasp the latest growth point. When setting goals, we must be strict with ourselves and set a challenging goal.





In the afternoon, we had a very difficult game. All members are transported through a designated hole without the aid of tools, and we are not allowed to talk or communicate in the middle. It is a great test of our ability to cooperate and perseverance. We failed dozens of times, and in the end we didn’t even have physical strength, but we still didn’t give up anyone.


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