New Type of Green Water Supply Pipe – PEX Pipe

PEX pipe, also known as cross-linked polyethylene pipe, is made of polyethylene material. The linear molecular structure of polyethylene is transformed into a three-dimensional network structure through physical and chemical methods, thereby improving the performance of polyethylene.

The main raw material of PEX pipe is HDPE, as well as initiators, cross-linking agents, catalysts and other additives. If there are special requirements, other modifiers can be added.

Advantages of PEX tube:

PEX is made of soft and elastic material. Compared with PVC pipes, PEX is more resistant to cracking caused by freezing. Flexibility also makes PEX easy to install. PEX pipes can be bent around structural frames and other obstacles, thereby reducing the need for holes and notches to accommodate the pipe. The bend in the pipe also eliminates the need for many elbow transition fittings, thereby saving cost and installation time.


PEX saves energy by reducing heat transfer losses. In contrast, metal pipes are particularly prone to heat loss. PEX also does not corrode. Another advantage compared with metal pipes, especially galvanized steel pipes, is that galvanized steel pipes will continue to corrode over time. For amateur installers, perhaps the biggest advantage of PEX is that it does not require solder connections. PEX also requires fewer connections and accessories overall, which helps reduce costs and reduce leakage problems. Generally, PEX is installed faster than any other water supply pipeline.

Application of PEX plumbing pipe:

The PEX pipeline system was developed around 1960 and has been accepted by major pipeline constructions around the world.

The standard method of installing PEX pipe is to connect it with a barbed fitting and a special metal crimping ring fixed with a crimping tool. After crimping the ring in place, the installer uses a testing tool to check to confirm the diameter specification of the crimp ring.

Application of PEX pipeline:

Generally, PEX pipelines can be used to:

Water supply pipeline or portable distribution system

Radiant floor heating applications

Heat transfer applications, such as floor cooling, melting ice and snow

Water distribution for hot water applications (including radiators)

Residential fire/ sprinkler system

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