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Sino Holdings Group(SHG) is famous plastic closure molding company in China, we can supply plastic closure molding service as your requirements, is the most professional plastic lids making company in China.
In our daily use, there are all kinds of plastic closures, shampoo bottles plastic closures, mineral water plastic closures, oil bottles plastic closures, candy bottles plastic closures, medical bottles plastic closures and other kinds of plastics closures. Our company is one of most famous plastic closure molding company, can supply all kinds of plastic closures. May you wonder how to check a professional plastic closures molding company? Here are some tips.
1. Check the plastic closure design Dept,
It is the beginning for measure a high precision plastic closure, if we find the samples or drawings have something unreasonable, our designer will give you suitable suggestion to help you perfect the plastic closures.
2. Check the plastic closure mold design Dept:
The closure is made by plastic closure molds, the plastic closure molds decide that how the plastic closure looks like.
3. Professional plastic closure molding Q/C team:
We have Q/C team to check the plastic closure molds dimension, and then take the molds testing samples to the measuring Dept, we will put forward to a report for the qualified testing samples, and send the samples and report to our customers, after their confirmation, we will start to begin the plastic closure molding work.
4. How to check the plastic closure quality:
a. Check the fitting parts(bottles), this is decide the plastic closure is useful or not .
b. Check the plastic closure mold moving
c. Check the plastic closure flash and thread
d. Check the plastic closure injection gate and surface finishing
When you have the idea to develop a new plastic closure, pls contact SHG,the professional plastic closure molding supplier, we will offer you the best plastic closure molding service.

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