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 Sino Mould is a professional plastic Mould manufacturer, we have rich experience in making painting bucket mold. Annually we produce several hundred sets of painting bucket moulds.


We have many variety types of the painting bucket moulds, such as 5L, 8L, 10L, 20L, ….or even 200L industrial bucket moulds. Normally, we often use DIN 1.2344 for core and cavity. And there is the Copper Beryllium (MOLDMAX) on the top of the core and cavity edge. It leads to best cooling effect to save the injection cycle time. What’s more, our design department will design fast and optimal cooling system. As for painting bucket mold, Firstly, sealing between bucket and lid is very important, secondly, it should be able to pass drop testing from different height and different angle. Thirdly, we will check the overlay, it is very important for the painting bucket mold. Otherwise, CNC tooling precision is very important to the mould. We have many sets imported cnc machine like FIDIA, SODIC to control the mould tolerance within 0.03mm.


Anyway, if you want to make painting bucket mold, welcome to our factory and send us the inquiry.


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