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How to make a good quality mould? It should has a good mould design and the suitable steel, the precision tooling equipment also is very important for the mould quality.


If you want to know whether the mould manufacturer is good or not, you can check its tooling equipment first. Equipment can show the company strength as well. If a big company is unwilling to invest enough money in purchasing the good equipment, how can it make good products for customers?


Sino Mould is a professional manufacturer of plastic injection mould. In order to make good quality mould, Sino invested a lot of money in purchasing high precision tooling machines and update our old equipment. For example, Sino invested about 8 million US dollars in buying new mould tooling equipment and measuring equipment from German, Italy and Japan. Using these high quality and high precise tooling machine, all the mould tooling process can be finished in our factory and we can highly control the mould quality and the tooling time.


All in all, there is no doubt that mould tooling equipment can make great effect on the mould quality. If you are looking for high quality moulds, Sino surely be your good choice. With the help of these advanced equipment, our top quality moulds must make your products more popular in your market.


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