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We are plastic basket mold manufacture, manufactured different kinds of plastic basket mold. Including fruit basket mold, handle basket mold, foldable plastic basket mold, laudry basket, basket supermarket and so on. We will make instruction for mold steel below.

We usually suggest to used 718H steel for plastic basket molds. This steel can improve the mold life and it is cost effective. 718H steel can have good polishing effective and the mold not easy come out flash during production. The steel need to make tempered heat treatment  in this way to improve the steel hardness. After finish CNC, the steel will be made by nitrited. The surface hardness can reach HV850 , the cavity insert surface hardness can reach HRC 48. The mold life can reach minimum 1 million shots.
The mold tooling time should be 45days after design confirmed. After you receive the mold, please keep in mind that mold maintain is more importance than mold fix. As mold fix will affect the mold life. We need to make examination of the moving parts on the molds like eject pin, guide pin, slide, to ensure the lubrication between these parts is good.
I am sales for plastic mold for more than 5 years. Our company is experienced plastic basket mold manufacture with more than 23 years history. Sales people in our compnay  have training class for each sales people. If you have any question or demand in this kind of plastic molds, please feel free to contact with me.

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