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 Mould is a money printer that helps plastic manufacturing company making money. As a big producer country China is a big plastic mould manufacturing base. But how to custom plastic mould from China is always a big question puzzled foreign purchaser.

There are following step for custom plastic injection moulds from China:
1. Looking for responsible plastic mould manufacturer
How to find a good quality mold maker among the thousands small and large mold making companies? As a new buyer, you should choose some good reputation companies. Their factory scale, employee quantity and working years, machining equipments, senior engineer quantity, design capacity, process management, and sales service ability is very important. Also the price is key point.
2. Select the supplier and place order
Besides the basic company capacity, price is a very important factor to the buyer. As a 20 years mold maker, we suggest customer select middle or up level manufacturer. The benefit is coming from what you pay. You may get quality problem or after sales problem if you buying the moulds from small company.
3. Mould design and manufacturing
The mould design is very important, for big mould making company, they always have strong design team to strict control & checking the mould design. But for middle scale companies, we would like to suggest you hire some professional mould engineer to double check the designs.
4. Mould inspection and acceptance
Mould testing is very important step during the whole production. For simple plastic part, samples are enough for checking the mould quality. But for complicated structure plastic parts, buyer should going to the mold maker and seeing the mould test directly.
5. Mould shipment
Strong wooden boxed are requirement for the sea shipment and air shipment.



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