Precision metal stamping parts processing and production requirements!

Precision metal Stamping parts processing and production requirements!

As the name implies, the processing of metal stamping parts is a process of stamping non-ferrous metals and other materials into the required shape and size through external force, and then cutting and separating. The materials of stamping parts, stamping dies and stamping equipment are important factors to ensure their quality. The precision stamping parts have higher requirements on the shape, flatness, precision and performance of the stamping parts. Therefore, in addition to the hardware conditions, the precision metal stamping parts also have strict requirements on their processing and production processes.

I all know that precision metal stamping parts, in addition to meeting the material requirements of customers, the precision requirements of stamping parts are high, these are all technical requirements, and the thickness of the material, the height of drawing, the diameter, etc. should be considered when designing the stamping part mold. For other issues, there must be precise calculations and designs, and at the same time, the properties of the materials, the physical reactions and properties that occur during the stamping process, and the final forming and performance requirements of the stamping parts must be considered.

The second is the requirement of accuracy. The precision of precision metal stamping parts can reach the micron level. However, for precision metal stamping parts with complex shapes, the measurement accuracy requirements and equipment are very important, so in the process of precision metal stamping parts processing and production , Can not ignore the accuracy detection of precision stamping parts.

The processing flow of precision metal stamping parts is the guarantee to ensure the processing quality of precision stamping parts. The processing of precision metal stamping parts must first determine the processing plan, according to the difficulty of the precision stamping parts, material properties, equipment conditions, etc., to achieve the best stamping parts processing plan. Secondly, the product data of stamping parts, the more complicated the precision metal stamping parts are, the easier it is to have errors during processing and production, especially when the stamping parts are not in the same plane. Therefore, the precision metal stamping parts processing and production stamping dies and The stamping equipment is adjusted and tested to ensure the quality of the processing and production of precision stamping parts.

1. R&D capabilities of metal stamping parts processing manufacturers

Is the R&D capability of precision stamping parts guaranteed? Sometimes buyers need to customize a precision tungsten steel part but they don’t have relevant 2D or 3D drawings on their hands, so they need to test the ability of the design engineers of precision stamping parts manufacturers, by looking at the design The ability of an engineer can also roughly estimate the processing capacity of a factory.

2. Is the machining accuracy guaranteed?

Is the precision of precision stamping parts guaranteed? The quality of products is the fundamental source and the touchstone for verifying the quality of manufacturers. Good precision stamping parts manufacturers will not make jokes about quality. Therefore, when choosing a manufacturer of precision stamping parts, regardless of brand size, quality must be the first priority. If you have the conditions, you must do the test yourself, and you must not be fooled by some flashy lies of the manufacturer.

3. Does the manufacturer have integrity

“Integrity management” not only requires buyers, but also requires precision stamping parts manufacturers to strictly abide by it. Buyers can examine the integrity of the manufacturer from two levels.

  • 1. Whether the manufacturer is responsible for the quality, and does not pay attention to the product quality, the reputation is not much better;
  • 2. Whether the manufacturer is honest with the customer, some manufacturers will make many promises before the customer places the order, such as guaranteeing the delivery time, guaranteeing the quality, etc., but the result is not achieved, which is worthy of the buyer to seriously consider the integrity of the manufacturer NS.

4. Market competitiveness of manufacturers

Understand the basic situation of precision stamping parts manufacturers.

  • History: Investigate the time when the manufacturer was established to verify the market competitiveness of the manufacturer.
  • Products: inspect the manufacturer’s product quality, packaging and other product indicators to verify the manufacturer’s product competitiveness.
  • Management: The management level of an enterprise can be seen from some details. For example, it is enough to walk to the toilet of the enterprise and take a look. If the toilet smells odorous, then the management of the enterprise cannot be flattered. .
  • Awareness: Refers to the manufacturer’s marketing philosophy, product awareness, market awareness, service awareness, etc., especially the management’s philosophy and awareness.

The above items in the processing of metal stamping parts can be understood by talking to the marketing staff of the manufacturer. The company’s various certificates and profiles, the company’s website, mature market plans, etc., can all become a way to understand the manufacturer.

5. Well-trained salesman

In addition to the product, the personality charm of the salesperson also directly affects the buyer’s choice of processing manufacturers. Sales is actually selling their own personal charm. When a customer chooses a processing factory, he must first trust you. Therefore, the success of sales depends on the image, knowledge, personality, language and other aspects of the salesman’s charm.

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