PVC Pipe fitting mould supplier

PVC Pipe fitting mould supplier


Our pipe fitting mould’s advantage,short delivery time, we will shipped on time, about 60-70days without delay.
PVC pipe fitting mould’s shape divided into Y shaped,U shaped, T shaped and so on. The use divided into industry use,home use, Farm use and so on.
Our pipe fitting mould with top quality
 PVC pipe fitting mould collapsible core with min. ф 32mm.
Cavities and cores steel use stavax s420 tempered with HRC.48-52.
Use twice tooling: rough tooling-tempered precision tooling.
To design mould size as small as possible to use a small machine
At the same time keep the mould strong and durable.
To make the slide locked by a stopper to be sure that the slide will not slide down because of gravity.
Limit switch for slide stroke control and prolong the mould life.
Our mould with best service, could offer you a fine solution.: choose the suitable steel and machine for you. Offer technology training after sales.
If you are planning to buy pipe fitting mould, do not hesitate to contact me!

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