Qineng Dian Aluminum was awarded the “Intelligent Manufacturing Benchmarking Enterprise” in Chongqing

On August 8, the website of Chongqing Economic and Information Technology Commission published the “Announcement on the Announcement of the Evaluation Results of Chongqing Intelligent Manufacturing Benchmarking Enterprises in 12”. The company successfully made the list and was awarded the “Smart Manufacturing Benchmarking Enterprise”.

“Intelligent Manufacturing Benchmarking Enterprise” is the Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology in order to implement the “Chongqing City Development of Intelligent Manufacturing Implementation Plan (2019-2022)” and further accelerate the pace of intelligent transformation of Chongqing’s manufacturing industry. It selects 10 enterprises from the city’s enterprises every year The title granted.Benchmarking companies will be included in the “Chongqing Smart Manufacturing Case Collection” and will be given priority in terms of policy support.In this selection, the company finally stood out from many declaring companies through the intelligent manufacturing capability evaluation system, data review, and video defense.

In recent years, under the leadership of the group, the company has vigorously promoted the construction of intelligent informatization, implemented an innovation-driven development strategy led by intelligence, and gradually highlighted its exemplary and leading role.Next, the company will take the opportunity of being awarded the “Intelligent Manufacturing Benchmark Enterprise” and insist on achieving technological breakthroughs through intelligent manufacturing, accelerating the transformation of technological achievements, and promoting the company’s high-quality development. (Huang Zhonglin, Zhao Yang)

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