Reduce the possibility of changing the identity of the vehicle by artificially replacing the product label


In order to enhance the operability of the standard, and because the content of the vehicle information marked in the free zone is determined by the vehicle manufacturer according to different actual models, it is impossible to clearly specify the specific size specifications of the product label, so this revision does not apply to the product. The specifications of the label put forward specific size requirements, as long as the content of the product label at least meets the requirements of the specified area, and the marked text meets the requirements of being obvious, clear and easy to read. Product label placement and fixing method The placement position and fixing method of the product label retain the relevant requirements, and increase the requirements for the placement of the location to be not easy to wear, replace, and cover. At the same time, in order to enable the product label to effectively confirm the identity of the vehicle, and to reduce the possibility of artificially changing the product label to change the identity of the vehicle, it is recommended that the vehicle manufacturer meets the requirements of the new standard in at least one place. Place product labels in multiple places on the vehicle.

In order to correspond to the requirements of GB7258, it is required in the revision that at least one location of the product label should be stated in the product manual. At the same time, the new standard also specifies the production serial number and production date of the vehicle. This article only discusses the production serial numbers and production dates of new projects and vehicles in detail. At the same time, with the introduction of the (Vehicle Identification Code Barcode Label) standard, if the manufacturer wishes, it can mark the vehicle identification code barcode in accordance with the corresponding regulations. With the introduction of China’s type certification system, the type certification number must be required to be marked on the product label. Therefore, the new standard leaves a place for marking the type certification number. Before the type certification system is fully established, it can temporarily not mark and leave no vacancies. Production serial number The production date stipulates in GB7258 that the product label should indicate the vehicle’s factory serial number, factory year and month. However, in the revision of the standard, it is considered that the factory number and factory year and month refer to the serial number and time when the vehicle is sold at the factory. It does not reflect the time and serial number when the vehicle itself is manufactured. Therefore, the new standard stipulates that the production serial number and production date when the vehicle production is completed should be marked. The production sequence number refers to the sequence number when the product is actually completed, and it reflects the sequence when the product is actually completed.

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