Second hand moulds for sale

We have some second hand moulds in store. These moulds are all in good condition, actually, these moulds are new and never been used to make production. We are a plastic injection mould manufacturer, due to some financial problem, our customer don’t need these moulds anymore, so we are going to selling these moulds. Pls check our list below:
1. 15L bucket (including the bucket handle and bucket lid)
This bucket is made with PP material, it can be use to put water or something else,
The bucket and lid mould is with one cavity, and the handle is with 2 cavities.
Moulds are made with pre-harden P20 steel with anole hot runner system, we ensure 500K shots mould life.


2. Plastic chair mould
This plastic chair is about 2kg, it can bear 100kg.
The mould with P20 steel and we ensure mould life for 500k shots.


3. Crate mould
This crate can be used to transport fruit, vegetable or something else; the weight of the crate is about 800g with PP material. For this mould, we use H13 steel to ensure long mould life.

If you want to learn more information about above moulds, feel free to send your inquiry to me.

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