Shangyu,Zhejiang—New Tech in Mould Industry Has Caused The Attention of U.S. and Japan

Zhejiang Huatong Holding Corporation, located in Shangyu, has put its core technology on plastic mould of auto car into practice, and gained great success. Now it is the leader of China’s auto industry. More over, some multi-national companies from developed countries such as U.S. and Japan have come to Huatong themselves for mould order.

“As the foundation of the whole manufacturing industry, we are always lack high technology in mould making, and buy lots of moulds from developed countries. Now, they buy moulds themselves from non-state enterprises in our country. The fact showed the improvement we have made in mould technology.” Mr. Zhao said.

And people from U.S. factory said that the mould made by Huatong has no less difference with U.S. mould on technology, while the price is much low. The high tech of mould is a key element in their purchase.

It is reported that, many companies in U.S. and Japan has made quite lot orders, and the export amount has taken up 1/10 of the company’s total export amount.

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