Shanxi New Materials pays close attention to improving the quality of alloy products

Since the beginning of this year, Shanxi New Materials has taken the opportunity of the structural transformation of alloy products to “close the source” of raw materials, and through precise control of the production process, continuous optimization of product technology has achieved effective product quality improvement. Up to now, the company’s comprehensive qualification rate of aluminum alloy product quality has reached 98%, and customer satisfaction has reached 99.5%, both hitting the highest level in history. The proportion of mid-to-high-end products has reached 56%, an increase of 20% over the same period last year, the highest in recent years. Good level, and won the title of “China’s Top 20 High-quality Aluminum Bar Manufacturers” for 4 consecutive years.

In terms of raw material quality control, Shanxi New Materials has increased the sampling inspection of incoming raw materials, accurately controlled the quantity of incoming raw materials, established a product tracking and supervision mechanism, and ensured that the quality of raw materials meets the use standards; in the production process of aluminum alloy products , With the goal of “zero operation errors, zero process violations, and zero product defects”, we seized key procedures and strictly standardized operations on positions, and the primary yield rate of aluminum alloy products increased to 98%. At the same time, the company actively introduced advanced flaw detection equipment to conduct internal flaw detection on each alloy rod product, which improved the internal quality of the product and ensured the pass rate of alloy products. Aiming at the weak links in production, the company’s professional departments and technical personnel carried out targeted research around the restrictive factors, established and improved a precise control system, formed various product control indicators and process parameters, and achieved “zero black line rate for 5G mobile phone materials” The goal is that the production process of the surface layer of its rail transit material has reached the leading level in the same industry.

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