Side squeeze

The outflow direction of the sideway extrusion product is 90 with the direction of movement of the extrusion rod. The extrusion method is also called horizontal extrusion. It can be divided into one-way lateral extrusion and two-way lateral extrusion (as shown in the figure). The characteristic of lateral extrusion is that the axis of the extrusion die and the billet is 90 degrees. Place, the extrusion force is consistent with the ingot axis direction. This metal flow mechanism minimizes the difference in the longitudinal mechanical properties of the product; the degree of deformation is large, the extrusion ratio can reach 100:1, and the product strength is high; molds and tools are required to have high Strength and stiffness. This method is used to manufacture high-quality aviation valve springs. Schematic diagram of lateral extrusion a, b- one-way lateral extrusion; c- two-way lateral extrusion 1- extrusion barrel; 2- extrusion rod; 3- mold; 4- ingot; 5- extruded product

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