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1. Distinguish according to the color, the darker color is the front side facing outward, the lighter color is the back side facing the mouth and nose.

2. According to the material, the rubbing touch is the front side, and the smooth texture is the back side.

3. According to the metal strip at the nose clip, the metal strip is the front side, and the metal strip is the reverse side.

4. Distinguish according to the crease: the front of the fold is down, and the back of the fold is up. 5. Distinguish according to thread ends: those with thread ends are the front side, and those without thread ends are the reverse side.

There are positive and negative face masks, if you wear it on the reverse, it will lose the bacteria filter function. How to distinguish the front and back of disposable surgical masks?

Distinguish by color: the darker side of the disposable surgical mask is the front, and the lighter side of the mask is lighter. When we wear a mask, make sure that the face of the mask is inwardly close to your skin and the face of the mask is outward, so don't wear it wrong.

Differentiating by material: Generally, the one that feels rubbed by hand is the front, while the one that feels smooth is the back. When designing a mask, the smooth side is generally waterproof, while the rough side pays more attention to ventilation. Because when wearing a mask, you must pay attention to the positive and negative, otherwise it will bring discomfort, such as fogging the glasses.

According to the metal strip at the nose clip in the mask: the side with the metal strip of the nose clip is the front side, and the side without the metal strip is the reverse side.

Distinguish by crease: distinguish by crease, the upward side of the crease is the inner surface, and vice versa is the outer surface.

Distinguish according to thread end: the side with thread end is outside, otherwise, the side without thread end is opposite.

Differentiating the front and back of the mask, we have to distinguish the top and bottom of the mask. There will be a thin, flexible metal strip on the disposable mask. The end with the metal strip is above the mask. Too.

Remind everyone that after distinguishing the front and back of the disposable surgical mask, it is also very important to grasp the correct way to wear the mask, especially remember that the front of the disposable surgical mask is facing outward, and the face that touches the face is the opposite, which is the color Shallow side. In addition, it should be noted that the part with the metal strip should be above the mask, do not wear it backwards.

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