Silicone And Casting

What’s in short supply for ordinary people right now? Disposable surgical masks, of course, have become hard currency. Although a lot of car company, petrochemical industry turned to do mask, but still a cover difficult to find. So in the current situation, how to extend the life of disposable surgical masks?

First of all, disposable surgical mask is disposable, generally about 4 hours need to change, especially for a long time in the hospital crowd, we suggest to change the mask.

Silicone And Casting

On the contrary, if we just go out at home, the crowd is relatively less crowded, because the possibility of infection is small, we wear masks in a short period of time to recycle.

Method one, we can hang the mask on the balcony of the sun exposure natural air dry, we go out next time to wear.

Method two, we cover the mask with a fresh bag, and then blow dry the mask with a hair dryer.

Method 3, put the mask in an airtight glass bottle and boil it in hot water for 20 or 30 minutes.

Of course, these are only adopted when there is no way, we generally do not use disposable surgical masks used repeatedly.

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